About the Friends


The Friends of the Roselle Public Library began in 2002 with the purpose of raising funds to support the Roselle Public Library, which they have done consistently for many years. They joined FOLUSA (Friends of Libraries USA), the national group which supports local friends' efforts.



Officers of the Friends of the Roselle Public Library are:

Maureen Boyle, President 


To become a member, click here for an application and mail the application and your annual fee (made out to "Friends of the Roselle Public Library"), to the Friends, care of the Library.

You will receive your membership card in the mail. Becoming a Friend entitles you to one free dvd rental per membership cycle as well as other perks throughout the year.

Meetings are at 7:30 pm on the second Monday of each month, at the Library. Members are encouraged, but not required to attend meetings.

Annual Membership Fees:

Adult                          $15.00

Junior (18 and younger) $ 5.00

Household                   $ 25.00

Organization & Business $ 50.00

Support Us

In addition to joining the Friends, you can show your support by purchasing candles, book marks, tote bags and tea at the Library. All proceeds go directly to the Friends organization which supports Library activities and functions.

Items for Sale: 

 Tote Bags  $15.00
 Candles  $ 9.00
 Bookmarks  $ 5.00
 Friendship Tea  $10.00
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